Overnight at Jegindø, Venø, Thyholm & Kilen

On Jegindø, Venø, Thyholm and Kilen you have the choice between different types of accommodation.

You can either choose to stay centrally in Struer in a hotel room, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at a seaside hotel near Jegindø, or choose to spend your nights with friendly hosts at a cozy campsite close to the Limfjord.

There is a wide range of options to choose from, so whatever your preferences, you can find the perfect accommodation for your stay.

Accommodation options

You can see accommodation options on Jegindø, Venø, Thyholm and Kilen here .

(Please note that accommodation is not included in the hiking areas and that you must book at the accommodation yourself)

Shelters on Jegindø, Venø, Thyholm & Kilen

Jegindø, Venø, Thyholm and Kilen also offer a large selection of shelters. Some can be booked in advance and others are first come, first served.

In some shelters, you have to pay a small amount to spend the night.