Trails at Struer

urban area

In Struer, several beautiful paths welcome you to explore the city's green areas and exciting history.

These trails invite you to dive into the charm of Struer, where you can experience the lush nature and at the same time inhale the town's historic atmosphere.

The trails

Below you see trails at Struer with kilometer information.

You get information about each trail by clicking on the pictures. The trails are sorted by length.

The audio walk starts at the station. You choose where you want to start on the other two paths.

  • Struer's Stemme - an audiowalk - approx. 40 minutes
  • Hjertesti at Kilen 4.4 km
  • Den grønne ring 8.6 km

Pay attention to

Struer Stemme is an audiowalk and works best with headphones (danish only).

Information about the area


Struer is a picturesque town located by the Limfjord in western Denmark. With a population of around 10,000 inhabitants, Struer offers a harmonious mix of natural beauty, industry and cultural offerings.

The city center is characterized by charming streets and squares, where local shops and cafes create a cozy atmosphere. At the harbor you can experience maritime life with boats and yachts, which give an insight into the city's connection to the fjord.

Struer has a proud industrial history, especially in electronics and sound technology. Bang & Olufsen, a globally recognized manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, was founded here in 1925 and has put the city on the world map in audio technology.

Culturally, Struer has a lot to offer, including the Struer Museum, which tells the town's history through interactive exhibitions and artefacts. The museum also focuses on the technological developments that have shaped the city over the years.

The nature around Struer is breathtaking with the fjord, forests and green areas that invite outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and fishing. Struer also hosts various outdoor events and festivals throughout the year that attract locals and visitors alike.

Experiences and sights

  • Central and West Jutland Railway Museum

    At the Central and West Jutland Railway Museum in Struer, you can experience an impressive collection of locomotives, carriages and railway effects, as well as explore a wealth of photos and archives.

    The museum tells the story of the railway's importance to the area and Struer's development as a railway trading town. Guided tours around the museum are also offered, where visitors can gain a deeper insight into the area's railway history.
  • Struer Museum

    The Struer Museum is an essential destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the city's history. In addition to the impressive architecture, the museum offers a wide range of exhibitions, including the Bang & Olufsen museum and the history of Struer's development from a fishing village to a market town.

    With sections on the importance of the railway and a unique introduction to the life and works of Olga and Johannes Buchholtz, there is something for everyone. Through interactive experiences and exploration of sound and hearing, Struer Museum invites you to learn and play.
  • Johannes Buchholtz's house

    Johannes Buchholz's home in Struer stands as a unique period document from the 1920s and 1930s and is considered a gem in Danish interior art. Its authenticity and beauty make it a deeply original artist home.

    The house exudes an artistic spirit with traces of visits by prominent poets and visual artists. Buchholtz's passion for antique furniture, vintage clocks and unique finds permeates every corner of the distinctive home, where everything is wrapped in the signature ultramarine blue color for which Buchholtz was known.
  • Gimsinghoved Art and Culture Centre

    Gimsinghoved is an independent institution that primarily focuses on changing art exhibitions. With its beautiful Steinway grand piano, the house forms an ideal setting for classical and jazz concerts, which are held approximately 10 times a year.

    In addition to music events, the venue offers lectures, author evenings and singing evenings organized by various associations. The works of art on the walls of the atmospheric living rooms complement the concerts and other events, contributing to a complete experience.

Cafés and restaurants

  • Restaurant Ved Fjorden

    The Ved Fjorden restaurant, with perhaps the city's best view directly over the Struer marina and the Limfjord, offers food and drink in relaxing surroundings with a focus on taste, local and regional ingredients.

    Here you can dive into a multitude of tempting options, regardless of what you might fancy - whether it's fresh fish, juicy mussels, delicate oysters or delicious dishes from the mainland.
  • Café & Restaurant Værftet

    Restaurant Værftet (the shipyard) is beautifully situated by the marina with a breathtaking view of the Bay of Venø, where in the summer you can enjoy meals on their roof terrace.

    With a menu that combines classic dishes with a modern twist, seafood from the Limfjord are natural stars, but there is also a wide selection of meat dishes and vegetarian options.

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