Your hiking adventure

You decide where, when and how far you want to hike

Easy, beautiful and unique

We've made hiking easy for you by carefully selecting the most beautiful and unique hiking trails in each of our hiking areas.

You can decide for yourself how many of these trails you want to explore or whether you might want to spend several days in one or more of the areas.

Beautiful, varied and exciting

You transport yourself to the various hiking trails in the area when it fits into your daily program.

Then you can hike at your own pace and choose the distance that suits you on varied hiking trails in some of Denmark's most beautiful landscapes, where you can also experience lots of exciting places with good stories.

Unique, breathtaking and charming

In each of the hiking areas, we have also selected the most unique and breathtaking sights and experiences, as well as the most charming places to eat.

You can then put together exactly the hiking adventure that suits you.

Hiking areas

Sleep wherever you want

You can stay at just the fantastic place in the area that you fancy, whether it's with one of our accommodation partners, in a shelter, at a bed and breakfast, in a cabin or at a hotel.