Sleep wherever you want

You can spend the night in the fantastic place you want, whether it's in a shelter, at a B&B, in cabins or at a hotel.


Thy offers various types of accommodation throughout Thy, from Vejlerne in the north, National Park Thy along the North Sea and to the fjord in the east.

Whether you are looking for luxury and wellness, a cozy hotel room or shelters in the open, there are all kinds of accommodation options in Thy.


On Mors, there are various accommodation options, from cozy cottages and campsites to charming bed and breakfast places and modern hotels that meet every traveler's needs and budget.

Whether you prefer to be close to nature or want comfortable accommodation, there is something for everyone on Mors.


On a holiday there is nothing like experiencing a good night's sleep. And you can get just that in Jammerbugten, where in many places you can look forward to waking up to the sound of the waves crashing, breathtaking views and the unique silence that only nature can offer.

Treat yourself to luxury at a seaside hotel or one of the beautifully situated holiday homes or perhaps you'd rather enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at one of the charming Bed & Breakfasts.


At Mols there is a wide selection of accommodation options for every taste and budget. From cozy holiday homes and idyllic hostels to luxurious inns with beautiful views of the countryside.

Whether you prefer to be close to the coast or in the middle of nature, you will find suitable accommodation at Mols.

Jegindø, Venø & Struer

On Jegindø, Venø and in Struer you have the choice between different types of accommodation.

You can either choose to stay centrally in Struer in a hotel room, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at a seaside hotel near Jegindø, or choose to spend your nights with friendly hosts at a cozy campsite close to the Limfjord.

There is a wide range of options to choose from, so whatever your preferences, you can find the perfect accommodation for your stay.