Trails at Ebeltoft

urban area

Ebeltoft embraces visitors with its charming trail systems that lead through the town's cobbled streets and along the picturesque coastline.

These trails invite leisurely walking and offer the opportunity to enjoy the city's atmosphere and impressive views of Ebeltoft Vig.

The trails

Below you see trails at Ebeltoft with mileage.

You get information about each individual trail by clicking on the pictures. The trails are sorted by length.

You choose where you want to start on the trails.

The old market town - green clover trail 2.5 km

Association route - blue clover trail 5.6 km

Along the coast - red clover trail 7.9 km

Around Ebeltoft - black clover trail - 13 km

Information about the area


Ebeltoft is a picturesque coastal town located on the east coast of Djursland in Denmark. The town charms visitors with its cobbled streets, well-preserved half-timbered houses and an impressive view of Ebeltoft Vig.

The city center is characterized by cozy cafes, restaurants and local shops that invite you to relaxed shopping and gastronomic experiences. The historic town hall building, with its characteristic tower, is an iconic landmark for Ebeltoft.

Ebeltoft also houses attractions such as the Frigate Jylland, an impressive museum vessel from the 19th century, as well as the Glass Museum Ebeltoft, which exhibits modern glass art in beautiful surroundings.

The scenery around Ebeltoft is breathtaking, with wooded hills, idyllic beaches and magnificent coastal scenery. Mols Bjerge National Park, located nearby, offers fantastic hiking trails and panoramic views.

Overall, Ebeltoft offers a charming mix of culture, history and natural beauty that appeals to locals and visitors alike.

Experiences and sights

  • The Frigate Jutland

    Experience the turbulent history of the past and the cool life at sea on the Frigate Jylland, which rests majestically at Ebeltoft Vig on Djursland.

    Here you can dive into the atmosphere and feeling of a time marked by challenges, listen to stories about both war and peace, about sailors and young boys, about warriors, kings, princes and princesses - and much more.
  • Glass - The Museum of Glass Art

    Glass - The Museum of Glass Art is a globally recognized museum dedicated to the art of glass. With more than 1,600 works from around 40 countries, the museum offers a unique experience and presents Denmark's largest collection of glass works of art.

    It ranks among the world's leading institutions in its field and is a central hub for both admirers and students of glass art from around the world.
  • The Old Town Hall Museum

    Give yourself the pleasure of entering the beautiful, historic Old Town Hall in the heart of the old town in Ebeltoft. This well-known icon is loved by many, especially by the more than 500 couples who exchange their wedding vows under its roof each year.

    Explore the Guard Room, the Molbostuen, the Court Room and the Prison Cellar, all with original interiors and serving as time capsules that invite you on an enchanting journey back in history.
  • Treasury Siam – Rasmus Havmøller's wonderful collection

    Skatkammer Siam reveals Rasmus Havmøller's fantastic collection of exotic animals and beautiful art objects, collected with a passion and systematicity that impresses even experts.

    The collection contains several endangered or extinct animals and birds and will not be able to be built up today due to regulations for the purchase and sale of endangered animal species.
  • The Dyehouse

    In Farvergården in Ebeltoft, you can delve into the past art of dyeing yarn and cloth.

    This unique place is the only preserved market town dyehouse in Northern Europe and stands as a distinctive and well-preserved farm environment in the middle of the lively main street in Ebeltoft.

Cafes and restaurants.

  • Restaurant Stockfleth

    At Ebeltoft harbor is Restaurant Stockfleth with a focus on local, sustainable ingredients and good taste. The atmosphere is maritime and cozy with a view of old fishing boats.

    The menu includes classics like oysters, lobster bisque, and "stjerneskud", as well as homemade favorites such as "pariserbøf" and pan-fried calf liver.
  • Restaurant Langhoff & Juul

    When you dine at Langhoff & Juul, you'll meet friendly people ready to welcome you and share their food, wine and beautiful surroundings with you, including the ocean just outside.

    The dining experience is genuine and handmade, without compromise on taste or principles. They think sustainably and use organic, local ingredients in their Nordic dishes, without waste.
  • LøCroQ

    LøCroQ is located at the water's edge at Ebeltoft harbor and offers a beautiful view of the Mols Bjerge.

    The Brændbyge family runs the café primarily with ingredients from their own farm, Lille Raneladegård. The menu is simple, with a focus on ecology and local products, including goat and pork meat from their own herd and their own "Islands ice cream" made from goat's milk.
  • Lundbergs Spisehus

    Lundbergs Spisehus, located at the Maltfabrikken in Ebeltoft, offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

    The restaurant uses fresh seasonal ingredients for their dishes and in the summer you can enjoy the atmosphere at the Maltfabrikken by sitting outside.
  • Restaurant Mellem Jyder

    Step back in time and leave the hustle and bustle of today behind. Experience the atmosphere in the charming, historic living rooms or enjoy the sun in the idyllic courtyard.

    At Restaurant Mellem Jyder, you can enjoy delicious traditional Danish 'innfood' with a modern twist. Fresh ingredients, preferably sourced locally, are prioritized, and the preparation is done with a focus on good culinary craftsmanship.
  • Cafe Bakery

    Café Bageriet, located in the cozy part of Ebeltoft, offers a pleasant atmosphere all year round. Here you can always enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch.

    The restaurant offers a varied menu with something for every taste, whether you want a relaxed evening or just a cup of coffee. An ideal place for any occasion.
  • Restaurant Støvlen

    Restaurant Støvlen, in the heart of the beautiful, cobbled pedestrian street, is housed in a charming old cobbler's house.

    Here you can enjoy traditional and newly interpreted Danish food for both lunch and dinner. If you are looking for a place with cozy surroundings, friendly staff and delicious food, then this is the restaurant and café for you.
  • Karen's Køkken

    Karens Køkken (Kitchen) is located with one of Ebeltoft's best views, directly by the Frigate Jylland - one of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions.

    Here you can enjoy everything from brunch, lunch to dinner, or just relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The food is prepared with love and care, with a focus on carefully selected ingredients. The kitchen is primarily inspired by French and Italian cuisine.

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