Trails at Nykøbing

urban area

Nykøbing Mors' trail system offers a diverse experience that combines historic fishing districts, restored buildings and lively pedestrian streets with enchanting nature.

With a view of the fjord, forests and beaches, you can explore the island's industrial history and charming residential areas along the water.

The trails offer a varied and exciting experience for every hiker who seeks both the pulse of city life and the tranquility of nature.

The trails

Below you see trails in Nykøbing with mileage.

You get information about each trail by clicking on the pictures. The trails are sorted by length.

You choose where on the trails you want to start.

  • Ørodde Hjertesti 2,2 km
  • Byens Charme - green clover trail 2,5 km
  • Ørodde - blue clover trail 5 km
  • Liv i Nordbyen - red clover trail 7,5 km
  • Fjordvandring - gray clover trail 11 km

Pay attention to

The signs for the clover trails can be placed at different heights. Some signs may have been rotated to show the wrong direction, so be sure to check up on the route along the way

The tourist office is no longer on the harbor, as shown in one leaflet, but is located at the western end of the pedestrian street.

Information about the hiking area


Nykøbing is a charming town located on Mors, an island in the Limfjord in Denmark. The city has a rich history that stretches back to the Middle Ages and offers a unique blend of culture and history. With around 9,000 inhabitants, it is a lively city with a wealth of activities and attractions.

In the town center with its cozy streets and squares, you can enjoy the atmosphere and explore the local shops and cafes. The maritime character is evident along the harbour, where fishing cutters and sailboats lie side by side.

Nykøbing also offers cultural experiences, including the Morsø Museum, which tells the island's history through exciting exhibitions and artefacts. The museum provides an insight into both agricultural and maritime history as well as other aspects of the local community.

Art and literature are also deeply rooted in Nykøbing's identity. Local artists such as Erik Heide and writers such as Aksel Sandemose have left their mark on the city, and art associations such as Morsø Art Association contribute to the creative environment.

Nykøbing is also known for its annual festivals and events, including the Shellfish Festival in June and the Oyster & Mussel Premiere in October, which celebrates the Limfjord's rich shellfish production. It is not without reason that Nykøbing is known as Denmark's shellfish capital.

Experiences and sights

  • Dueholm Kloster - Morsø Museum

    Dueholm Kloster (Monastery), the local museum for Mors and Nykøbing, has its origins in the Johanniterordenen in 1370. After passing to the king in 1536, it underwent a transformation into a manor house.

    Since 1909, the place has functioned as a museum, where you can discover, among other things, the history of Nykøbing's development, Dueholm's transformation and Limfjorden's shipping.
  • Støberimuseet

    Støberimuseet (the foundry museum) in Nykøbing Mors is dedicated to industrial history, iron foundry and castings.

    Here you will find an impressive collection of tiled stoves, stoves and other castings that clearly illustrate the evolution of design over time.
  • Skaldyrscenter

    Danish Shellfish Center is dedicated to informing, communicating and entertaining about the life and relationships of shellfish, including hatching, production and their importance in the Limfjord ecosystem.

    The aim is to give the audience challenging and exciting experiences with shellfish, both at the hatcheries, on floating installations, along the beach wearing waders, underwater with a snorkel and in the kitchen with a chef and cookbook.
  • Hama Safari Park

    Visit the small cozy "park" where all the figures are made of plastic beads.

    The park is full of exotic pearl animals that you can get up close.

Restaurants and cafés

  • Cafe Sult

    Cafe Sult (Hunger) is a cozy cafe located in the heart of Nykøbing Mors with a great focus on good food and socializing.

    Here, food and drink for every taste is offered, made from the season's best ingredients. The menu offers a multitude of sandwiches, salads, burgers, pasta dishes, gluten-free options, fish, vegetarian dishes and much more.
  • Restaurant Limfjorden

    Restaurant Limfjorden is a restaurant in the heart of Nykøbing Mors, just a stone's throw from the harbour.

    Tender Angus or Hereford steaks fried on the grill are some of the specialties! All served together with good side dishes such as salads, potatoes and sauces. Here you will also find a large selection of fish and shellfish - everything from the fish of the day and shooting star (a danish fish-dish) to mussels, always from the local dealers.
  • Café Christian Den 9.

    Here there is room for the extra experience, where you have an opportunity to meet, an opportunity to celebrate that it is the weekend, a day off or just a good day.

    In the café, you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks, both hot and cold, which can be consumed with brunch and lunch dishes, and when evening hunger approaches, main courses are offered which can be enjoyed with a glass of wine or a cold beer.
  • No1 Cafe & Bistro

    The place in the city center, where every single guest is also in the center. No1 has its own personality: Local, proper, straightforward and an unpretentious atmosphere with ambitions for quality in everything served.

    The outlet is the French and bistro traditions with detours to other European cuisines. The menu changes with the season, where ingredients from the local pantries inspire simple dishes with a strong focus on taste.
  • Café Holmen

    The restaurant with the best location in Nykøbing Mors, where you can stop by and sink into the homely coziness and home-cooked food.

    You will find vegetarian dishes and gluten-free dishes on the menu - and when that is said, you can still get a good burger and something that resembles a shooting star (a danish fish-dish). Here, they strive to ensure that most everything is homemade and made from scratch.

More hikes in the local area

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