Trails at Thisted

urban area

In Thisted town, an extensive selection of marked trails awaits, each with unique opportunities to explore the nature and cultural history in and around the town.

There are also a wealth of fascinating experiences and sights as well as charming restaurants and cafes that invite you to cozy moments.

The trails

Below you see trails in and around Thisted with mileage.

You get information about each trail by clicking on the pictures. The trails are sorted by length.

You choose where you want to start on the trails.

  • Tingstrup Sø Stien 1.2 km
  • Solsikkestien - green route - 2.4 km
  • Den blå løber 4 (8) km
  • Digterstien - blue route - 5.3 km
  • Skovstien - red route – 7.8 km
  • Strandstien - gray route 10,1

Pay attention to

You can start on the trails wherever you want.

Neither "Den blå løber" nor "Den grønne løber" will take you back to your starting point, so it's important to remember that the number of kilometers in parentheses applies if you plan to walk back. Alternatively, you should arrange transport back in advance.

Information about the local area


Thisted is a charming town located in North Jutland, Denmark. The city has a rich history and a thriving culture that attracts visitors from near and far. With a population of around 13,000 inhabitants, Thisted is a medium-sized town with a cozy atmosphere.

The city center offers a mix of modern facilities and historic architecture. Along the streets in the center you will find cozy cafes, shops and restaurants where locals and visitors can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and good food.

Thisted is surrounded by beautiful nature, including the hilly landscape of Thy National Park and the nearby coastline. This makes the city an ideal starting point for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and surfing.

The city's cultural life is also worth noting, with regular events such as concerts, theater performances and art exhibitions. Thisted Music Theater is a popular meeting place for both local artists and international talents.

Finally, Thisted is known for its hospitality and friendly atmosphere. The locals are proud of their town and welcome visitors with open arms, making Thisted a pleasant and memorable destination.

Experiences and sights

  • Thisted Lilleby

    Thisted Lilleby is a true copy of Thisted town center in 1950, only one-tenth the size. Houses, backyards and shelters are built authentically down to the smallest details. Today, approx. 90 houses - and new buildings are still being added.

    With their storytelling skills, the guides provide a historical recreation of the old Thisted with a cultural context of the town's historical identity.
  • Thisted old town hall

    The town hall was built in 1853 according to a drawing by the architect Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll. The architecture is historicist with a clear inspiration from the Dutch Renaissance.

    The property originally functioned as both a council chamber, a prison, the prison guard's residence, a spray house and a savings bank. Bindesbøll's town hall is today used for administration, exhibition and meeting facilities.
  • JP Jacobsen's Burial site

    JP Jacobsen's grave is in the cemetery at Thisted church, not far from Store Torv. He is considered one of Denmark's most important writers. He was born and raised here in Thisted and, due to tuberculosis, he lived a large part of his last twelve years with his parents, where he died in 1885 – only 38 years old.

    The new view of nature came to characterize JP Jacobsen's short stories and the novels Mrs. Marie Grubbe and Niels Lyhne. Man was no longer God's creation. It was part of nature and thus subject to the law of chance.
  • Thisted Museum

    A modern archeology exhibition highlights Stone Age mining and Iron Age agriculture. The Kallerup find, a Bronze Age find from 2019, is a highlight. You can see a real rune stone and hear stories about Vikings and princesses.

    Thy's history from ancient times to the present is also explored here. You get an insight into the diversity of the people living here, where some have deep roots in the area, while others are immigrants with dreams of contributing to the development of the local community.
  • JP Jacobsen's House

    JP Jacobsen's House is a small skipper's house, which now houses the local history archive. Jens Peter Jacobsen was born here in 1847.

    As a young man, JP Jacobsen studied natural history, and through his translations of Darwin's books, he introduced Danes to the theory of evolution. He is the author of the novels: "Fru Marie Grubbe" and "Niels Lyhne".

    JP Jacobsen died of tuberculosis in Thisted with his parents in 1885, aged only 38.
  • Thisted Girl

    Thisted Girl is a bronze statue standing on a granite plinth by the coastal road in Thisted. Thisted girl was created by the artist Wienberg-Jensen in competition for the art academy's gold medal, whose task in 1956 was: 'A free-standing nude figure for a modern park setting'. The statue won a gold medal and was bought by Thisted Municipality the following year.

    Henning Wienberg-Jensen was born and raised in Thisted. The statue is clearly inspired by Greek statues of the goddess of love, Aphrodite.
  • Thisted Brewery

    Since its inception in 1902, Thisted Bryghus has been an independent brewery located in Thisted. With exceptional popular local support, the brewery has survived world wars, potato cures and financial crises.

    The brewery continuously sends a number of exciting new products to the market. Many products contain ingredients grown in one of the country's most beautiful natural areas: Thy National Park.

    Guided tours of the Brewery are usually organized during the summer period.
  • Thy Cablepark - Cold Hawaii Inland

    Thy Cablepark – Cold Hawaii Inland is ready to be used by anyone with a penchant for fresh air and water sports. Everyone is welcome on the spot. The big attraction in Synopal Harbor in Thisted is wakeboarding.

    Wakeboarding consists of being pulled by a cable on a board. It's a bit like water skiing after a boat, only easier and more fun in a cable park! You can also lounge on the terraces, take the children down and make sandcastles on the sandy beach, jump in the water or throw a sausage on the grill.

Restaurants and cafés

  • Cafe, Restaurant & Steakhouse Amalie

    The Amalie Restaurant is located in the middle of Store Torv in Thisted, where you can enjoy the cozy square atmosphere both inside and outside.

    Delicious, tender steaks, prepared on the grill, are served here. You can get steaks, chicken, bones and chops. In addition, a huge salad and potato bar is offered, with seasonal specialties and sauces.
  • Café Baghuset

    Beautifully located in a backyard by the promenade in Thisted, you will find Café Baghuset, which, with its charming setting and inviting menu, is the natural choice for a place to eat.

    During the day, Baghuset functions as a café, where you can enjoy your lunch, beer/water and coffee in the cozy indoor surroundings or, weather permitting, outside in the sun. On some evenings, the café offers exciting a la carte dishes.
  • Restaurant Konrad - part II

    Hotel Thisted's restaurant is tastefully and cosily furnished. When the sun is shining and the weather permits, it is possible to enjoy dinner in the charming courtyard.

    In the restaurant you can enjoy a varied a la carte menu with Danish-Italian inspiration. Here, the menu of the day, the fish of the day and the dish of the day are always offered, put together by the head chef from the season's best ingredients.
  • Restaurant Bryggen year 2019

    At Restaurant Bryggen in Thisted from 2019, you get Nordic food made with pure, natural ingredients. Here you can enjoy the season's best local ingredients in cozy surroundings at Thisted Marina.

    Bryggen from 2019 offers delicious shared dishes, snacks, small dishes and of course also large dinner dishes - depending on how hungry you are.
  • Hotel Limfjorden

    From the hotel restaurant there is a magnificent panoramic view of the hotel park, the Limfjord and Thisted town.

    In the restaurant you will be offered homemade, traditional Danish dishes.