Trails at Løkken

urban area

Løkken's trail system is the gateway to scenic adventures and artistic gems.

Experience historic coastal buildings, the rush of history and impressive works of art.

The trails combine the lively pulse of the city and the roar of the sea with the peaceful tranquility of nature and invite you to explore Løkken's charm and rich maritime heritage.

The trails

Below you see paths at Løkken with mileage.

You get information about each hiking trail by clicking on the pictures. The trails are sorted by length.

You choose where you want to start on the trails.

  • The historic city center - green clover trail 2.5 km
  • Nybæk Plantation - The blue trail 3,2 km
  • Løkken Bunker trail - City 3,6 km
  • Løkken Bunker trail - Coast 3,8 km
  • Løkken-Furreby - blue clover trail 5 km
  • Løkken Art Trail 5.4 km
  • Løkken-Nybæk Plantage - red clover trail 7.2 km
  • Løkken-No. Lyngby - black clover trail 11 km

Pay attention to

When hiking along the Løkken Art Trail, it is worth noting that the route does not end where it begins.

At the coast, it can happen that the water rises so high during onshore winds that parts of the stretch where the blue and black clover path takes you along the beach become flooded. In that case, you have the option to follow the paths inland and go back the same way.

Information about the area


Løkken, a charming coastal town in North Jutland, is known for its wide sandy beach and impressive dune landscape. The city attracts visitors with its cozy atmosphere and maritime atmosphere.

The beautiful beach is a popular spot for swimming, beach activities and long walks along the water's edge. The dunes behind invite you for walks and views of the open sea.

Løkken offers a lively atmosphere with restaurants, cafes and shops along the city's main street, inviting for shopping and culinary experiences.

The city is also known for its characteristic bathhouses that adorn the beach and give a nostalgic touch to the city's coastal environment.

Løkken is a popular holiday destination all year round, where people gather to enjoy nature, the good weather and the relaxed atmosphere by the North Sea.

Experiences and sights

  • Løkken Seamark

    In the era of the past, seamarks along the coast of the North Sea were essential for the safety of shipping. Built between 1884 and 1885, they served as crucial landmarks for the ships.

    Løkken's seamark, rebuilt in 1977, now marks its place at Sømærkevej. Its original position was changed due to the movements of the shoreline and the decay of the tree. However, it remains a symbol of the coastal city's history.
  • The Water Tower and the Solar Column

    Løkken's Water Tower, inaugurated in 1917, symbolizes the town's history and the importance of the water supply. With a capacity of 175,000 liters of water and a characteristic copper weatherfish on top, it is a distinctive part of the city's skyline.

    At the foot of the tower stands Bodil Dam's Solstice Column, a symbol of the turn of the year. From the tower you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea and the protected dune, which makes it a must-see on the trip to Løkken.
  • The signal mast

    The danger signal mast in Løkken is an iconic symbol of the town's past as a fishing town. It was used to warn fishermen at sea of ​​dangerous weather conditions using baskets, lanterns and a signal cannon.

    The position of the curves in the mast indicated whether the fishermen were to return home, be collected by the lifeboat, or that the lifeboat was ready to help them into port over the reefs on the seabed.
  • Løkken Rescue House

    The Løkken Coastal Fisheries Museum, located in the old rescue house from 1931, focuses on rescue services and fishing. The main attraction is the coastal fishing boat Bent II from 1944.

    The museum's collections span the 19th and 20th centuries and include exhibits on boat types, fishing methods and the rescue service.
  • Løkken Art Pavilion

    The Løkken Art Pavillon, a gem in the city, has stood on Sdr. Strandvej for over a century.

    Now it functions as a prized exhibition space, presenting changing works of art throughout the year.
  • Løkken Museum

    Løkken Museum, housed in the historic shipmaster's house known as Johanne Grønbech's House from around 1860, focuses on trade, history, craftsmanship, and tourism. The museum showcases the development of Løkken over time, with a special emphasis on the era of ship trading.

    A model illustrates the significance of ship trading, while the old kitchen and utility room provide insight into life around 1900. In the garden, there is an old bathing house with an exhibition about beach life in Løkken.
  • Løkken Mini City

    In the mini-city's working workshop, models of Løkken's houses from 1900 are constructed, detailed down to small bricks and bricks on a scale of 1:10.

    These model houses are on display in Vendsyssels Plantage and are positioned exactly in relation to Løkken's street layout, so that visitors can recognize them in the real town. Every year, new models are added to the collection, which is constantly expanding.
  • Furreby Coastal Battery

    During the occupation, Løkken was developed into a German support point group with infantry positions and a coastal battery. Numerous bunkers are still visible on the outskirts of the city and in the middle of the plantation.

    At the beach north of Løkken, at Furreby, a coastal battery lies almost completely on the beach, as the North Sea has eroded the dunes. Some bunkers are even partially or completely out to sea.

Cafés and restaurants

  • Restaurant Løkken Badehotel

    At Restaurant Løkken Badehotel, you get traditional Danish food made with local ingredients and a hint of the taste of the North Sea. You dine in historical surroundings.

    On the menu, you can choose anything from Moules Frites to classic Danish open sandwiches. Indulge in the best "stjerneskud" (shooting star - a danish fishdish), fresh catches from Denmark, or delicious tender steaks.
  • Café Mellma

    In Cafe Mellma you can look forward to a wonderful dining experience both at lunch and in the evening. Centrally located on Torvet in Løkken, the cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating.

    Here you'll find a mix of traditional Danish open sandwiches from the Danish kitchen. But besides the traditional open sandwiches, the café also offers a selection of regular café dishes, including juicy burgers, fresh salads, and delicious "stjerneskud" (shooting star - a danish fishdish).
  • Huset HAVS

    Experience a truly legendary dining experience in unique surroundings and a wonderful atmosphere. Take a seat, explore the menu full of local ingredients and look forward to a taste experience.

    Outside the high season, Huset HAVS holds communal dining, where there is plenty of opportunity to meet new people and enjoy good food together. The menu changes, but the fun is always the same.

    RARTSTED is a charming and cozy restaurant located 100 meters from the beach on Nørregade in Løkken, inspired by Asian cuisines and offering a small but delicious menu. Every weekend, new dishes are added to the menu.

    The food is primarily made with organic and local ingredients, and they cultivate a variety of herbs, vegetables, berries, leeks, Jerusalem artichokes, and more themselves – and the rest are sourced from local suppliers.
  • Restaurant VANDret

    When you enter the restaurant, you are met by a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The walls are adorned with inviting colours, inspired by the beautiful nature around Løkken.

    On the menu you will find both regular dishes and seasonal menus. Here, the focus is primarily on fish and shellfish, supplemented with seasonal ingredients. If you are not into fish and shellfish, you can of course also choose a delicious steak.
  • Café Frandsen

    In the middle of the sun, in the middle of Løkken, you will find one of the city's oldest and most charming cafés, Café Frandsen. For 30 years, the café has offered a cozy atmosphere, refreshing drinks and lovely music under their large, sand-coloured parasols.

    Here you can choose between classic café dishes and exciting specialities. There is something for every taste - even cocktails made with love and beer from Løkken Bryghus, picked up just around the corner.
  • Restaurant Søborg

    Søborg is Løkken's elegant answer to a restaurant, café, and steakhouse. During the high season, you can enjoy the food both indoors and outdoors on the terrace.

    At Søborg restaurant, they specialize in good steaks. Try their popular "steak on a stone," where you cook the steak yourself on a Finnish flat stone. As a guest, you can also look forward to a menu featuring ribeye, entrecote, T-bone, and Hereford quality beef from Argentina.
  • The pancake house

    Pandekagehuset is a café located close to Løkken Strand, where you can enjoy authentic surroundings both inside and outside.

    Both food and dessert pancakes filled with all kinds of delicacies are served here.

Experience nature and its joys - Have a great trip!