Trails at Agger, Krik and Vestervig

urban area

Vestervig and its surroundings offer diverse landscapes and historical traces that stretch through different ages.

Here there is life and joy with opportunities for play, food and refreshments, while there are also peaceful areas for reflection.

Nature is diverse with a multitude of wild flowers, insects and bird species. Chances of encountering deer, foxes and hares are good.

The trails

Below you can see the hiking trails near Agger, Krik and Vestervig with mileage.

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  • Green route 1.5 km
  • Red route 3.6 km
  • Yellow route 4.5 km
  • Blue route 9.0 km
  • Flade Sø-route 13 km

Be aware

The Flade Sø trail can be extended with a short detour of approximately 2.5 km to Lodbjerg Fyr (marked with an arrow on the map).

Information about the hiking area


Agger appears as a charming town along the west coast of Jutland, famous for its wide sandy beach and unique nature. Here you have the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities such as windsurfing and hiking, while at the same time you can experience the local culture at the cozy restaurants.

If you are looking for a place to relax and immerse yourself in nature, Agger is the ideal choice. You can enjoy long beach walks, swim in the fresh sea water or go on bike rides through the surrounding forests.

The city also offers several sights that deserve a visit. Agger Tange, a beautiful peninsula, impresses with its rich birdlife and unique landscape. Agger Harbor is another place to explore, and here you can experience an authentic fishing harbor with freshly caught fish.

Agger is also known for its excellent restaurants, where you can taste local specialties and enjoy a tasty meal after a day in nature.


Krik – Cold Hawaii Inland is known to be a good place for wind and kite surfing. Beginners in particular benefit from the cove's calm water, which appears as a safe bathtub for surfers at the beginner stage.

Krik Vig is also one of the places where most year-round swimmers meet in Thy. Every morning regardless of weather and wind, approx. 30-35 year-round swimmers meets and jumps in the water.

In Krik Vig, protected from the waves of the North Sea, in the 18th century Krik was a lively loading dock for grain, timber and iron. The breakthrough of the sea in 1825 made Krik popular as an entry point to the Limfjorden. The old loading dock now has a restored warehouse that serves as a summer gallery.

The coal house, built in 2011-2012, is inspired by old warehouses and serves as a hub for outdoor activities. It offers facilities for surfers, swimmers and bird enthusiasts, with the option of primitive accommodation and plans for a nature campsite.

The plan is to upgrade the existing pier with a sunset spot/lounge area, a "Streger i Landskabet module", as well as a long wooden deck that leads out to a sheltered fjord bath with a sauna, located at the end of the bridge, like a lantern out on the fjord


Vestervig is located in the southern part of Thy and belongs to Thisted Municipality. The town is known for housing Denmark's and the Nordic region's largest village church, Vestervig Church, which was originally part of Vestervig Monastery. In addition to the historic monastery church, the Thinghus, which includes a detention center and exhibitions of local artists in the forecourt, is definitely worth a visit.

With a population of 615 inhabitants in 2018, Vestervig is part of Vestervig Parish. The town was founded in 1682 and began with 11 farms and grassland farming.

Today, Vestervig is a charming little town with its own inn and grocery store, located in the middle of fantastic nature that includes the sea, the fjord, lakes, lagoons and streams.

The area, which is a stone's throw from National Park Thy, is also home to a diverse wildlife and bird life, which provides the opportunity for a wide range of activities both on land and at water.

Experiences and sights

  • Agger Tange with Svaneholmhus

    Agger Tange with the information house Svaneholmhus is the southernmost tip of Thy and the National Park.

    The landscape on the isthmus and just east of it differs with lagoons and beach meadows from the natural types in the rest of the national park.

    It is one of Northern Europe's most important resting areas for waterfowl and at the same time an important breeding site for endangered meadow birds. Spotted seals are often seen on the banks at Agger Tange.
  • The Fisherman's House

    The Fiskerhuset in Agger is a listed house which tells about Agger's history, living conditions and building customs on the West Coast. The house exudes atmosphere in the small, low-ceilinged rooms.

    There is a special exhibition in the annex, i.a. about life in Agger and building customs in Thy in the 1800s.

    The fisherman's house was probably built in 1749, as this year is carved into a cupboard door in the kitchen and is considered the house's baptismal certificate.
  • De Sorte Huse

    In Agger you will find a collection of characteristic black wooden houses whose history is linked to the coastal defence.

    "De Sorte Huse" was the workplace of the Water Works Administration in the early 1900s.

    Today, De Sorte Huse is the setting for various cultural events throughout the year, and here you will also find an exhibition about the history of the town and coastal fishing. In addition, there is also a picnic house.
  • Lodbjerg Lighthouse

    Lodbjerg Lighthouse was built in 1883 from beautiful granite stones from Bohus in Sweden. The lighthouse is 35 m high and in clear weather the view from the lighthouse is magnificent.

    Lodbjerg Lighthouse was restored in 2019 and has a nice exhibition with the history of the lighthouse from the beginning of construction to the present day.

    In the old lighthouse keeper's residence at Lodbjerg Lighthouse, there is now a cozy café where you can eat freshly baked home-baked cakes and enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea.
  • Lodbjerg Church

    Lodbjerg Church, beautiful and lonely surrounded by forest and dunes, is Denmark's smallest medieval village church.

    The church was probably built between 1490 and 1540. It must have been moved twice while the parishioners avoided the sand drift.

    At the west gable of the church is a wooden belfry and it has two Late Gothic frescoes:
    Mary as Queen of Heaven and the copper serpent in the desert.
  • Vestervig Church

    Vestervig Church is the largest village church in the Nordics. The reason the church is so large is that it was originally a monastery church for the lost Vestervig Monastery.

    The church has a canonical sundial, of which there are only 2 equivalents in the whole of Europe.

    Vestervig church is linked to the legend of Liden Kirsten and Prince Buris, an unhappy love story. It is still customary for brides to place a bouquet on the grave where the couple is believed to lie.
  • Vestervig Klostermølle

    Vestervig Klostermølle (Monastery Mill) is a ground-level Dutch windmill. Built around 1860, the mill consists of an octagonal superstructure with thatched roofing on a brick foundation with a surrounding earthen embankment and cellar.

    It is a relatively small mill with a wingspan of 15 meters and is manually operated.

    Today, the mill serves as a small museum. The mill's interior and history are thoroughly described on panels displayed outside the mill.
  • Æ Beeshus

    Æ Beeshus is one of the last testimonies of the kind of livestock herding that began at Vestervig Monastery in the middle of the 1800s.

    Large herds of cattle grazed freely and at the outermost fields shelters were built for the animals, where they were supplemented with concentrated feed.
    The house was equipped with restraints for the animals, so that you could make sure that they all got the right amount of concentrate.

    In the house there is now a beautiful board exhibition that deals with topics that can be seen in the immediate area.
  • Thinghuset – Jail & Art

    Thinghuset – Jail & Art in Vestervig is today a museum, while the front house is set up as an art exhibition for local artists.

    The small prison was built in 1833 with 4 prison cells, a court room and housing for the custodian. The prison functioned until 1949 and has remained largely untouched ever since. Malene Schwartz's (a danish actress) grandfather, Otto Georg Schwartz, was a bailiff from 1907 to 1915.

    The gallery in the front house is jointly run by approx. twenty local artists and craftsmen from Thy.

Restaurants and cafés

  • Signalmasten

    Restaurant Signalmasten in Agger, is very close to the North Sea.

    The restaurant serves lunch dishes, freshly locally caught fish, tender steaks, and delicious homemade barbecue ribs, along with tasty desserts.
  • Agger Darling

    The charming dining spot Agger Darling is located by Agger Harbor at the bottom of Agger Tange.

    Here you can enjoy Limfjord mussels, crispy gourmet pizza, a classic burger and a couple of flats from the quay (fish fillets).
  • Tri

    A gastronomic story about the best ingredients and producers that surround the intimate restaurant in Agger.

    The bright and intimate restaurant with only seven tables creates the perfect setting for an evening where the story of the area and nature are the central nerve of the gastronomy.
  • Agger Ice Café

    Just a stone's throw from the dunes is the Agger Ice Café. There is a North Sea atmosphere, a beach atmosphere, a summer atmosphere and all sorts of other good atmospheres.

    And then there is ice cream, coffee and cookies and cold drinks.
  • Agger Badehotel

    Today's dinner is served here every day, and it is tasty, traditional Danish food.

    At the same time, you can also explore the extensive menu, where the emphasis is on creating wonderful taste experiences.
  • Vesterhavshytten

    Vesterhavshytten is a grill bar with both traditional barbecue food, local and home-made specialities, as well as a focus on local ingredients, where pride is taken in making delicious food that hits the spot - every time,

    In addition to food, you can also get soft ice, old fashion ice cream waffles with a large selection of ice cream, cheerios and waffles. In addition, cold draft beer, soft drinks and coffee specialties are sold.
  • Thinghuskroen

    Thinghuskroen in Vestervig is an old-fashioned inn with modern amenities such as a restaurant, banquet halls, and the Bodega Cellen.

    In the summer, there is outdoor service of à la carte dishes or a glass of well-poured draft beer on the large terrace.